Friday Randoms and looking forward to a long weekend!

I am SO looking forward to this weekend!

Hubby will be home, we are starting work on getting the pool ready, putting in a new slider and hopefully stuffing our faces with delicious food.

Oh yeah. And hopefully getting to meet little Nolan!! He was due on Tuesday and we are still patiently waiting his arrival. I think he will be born tomorrow. Because Quinn was due on the 22nd (hello? Which was also a Tuesday!) and she was born on the 26th. So I like to think her future husband has the same plans for his mama.

I made this last night. Total win. I know that because Quinn ate it. Seriously, though? Easy and delicious. Although I will say putting spaghetti in the oven seemed really weird.

I ordered this dress for Quinny's birthday! It was the cutest, closest thing to Minnie I could find.

Here is a sneak peak of Quinny's birthday invitations {post to come soon}!

I hope everyone has a nice, long weekend! 


  1. Yay! I love the sneak peek of Quinn's invitation! Too cute! Also, I hope Nolan has the same plan as Quinny did and comes tomorrow! And that spaghetti bake looks like a dish of deliciousness!!

  2. OMG that invite is adorable!!!! I love all her Minnies!!!

  3. omg! those invites! soooooo cute!


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