The National Zoo!

We finally made it to our apparent yearly trip to the zoo! This was last year when we were well rested, not pregnant, or didn't have an infant along with a toddler. MY GOD how life can change in just a year!

This year? I actually wore yoga pants and sneakers (tennis shoes?) waddling my pregnant butt behind Colleen and her DOUBLE stroller. That woman is a champ I tell you.

We had a Living Social deal for this so being that the National Zoo is free (you just have to pay to park there) we got a steal and the animal crackers came in quite handy with 2 toddlers.

Seriously, though. Could they be any cuter together?

Rare family shot. With an uncooperative toddler.

Demon otter.

Told you those animal crackers came in handy!

Harper is now synonymous with elephants thanks to her new room decor!

Cuddler? You think?

I love this little face!

I will bet $100 you are singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". No? Just me?

Overall it was an awesome trip. The girls were great, Brody was a little angel and OMG how did I not manage to get a picture of him? 

Wait....a little Facebook stalking on Colleen's page and I found him!

Along with this gem.

Can you say spoiled? And a much better picture of what a pregnant train wreck looks like.

Can't wait to do it again next year! 4 kids.....yikes!


  1. I love all of these pictures, especially Quinn cuddling with the panda!! And you are an adorable prego!!!!


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