34 Week Bumpdate!

Well. There is really a baby in there. It still boggles my mind when people ask me how far along I am and I say 34 weeks. 34 WEEKS?! Did I not just get pregnant? aka was Nolan not just born?! Yes, whenever I want to remember how old he is, I just count how pregnant I am. I will forever have him to thank for our little Harper :)

I feel like a lot has changed since my last bumpdate! The weeks go by and I just get more tired and more wanting to not be pregnant anymore.

In other news? Guess who got rear ended last Friday with her 2.5 year old in the car?

This girl.

I was dead stopped at a red light when this nut case of a woman SLAMS into us. Not like a "OMG I can't stop hitting you even though I am slamming on my brakes" but a "OMG is that a car in front of me and a red light that I didn't see? Oops I'm so stupid."

Seriously this woman must have been on crack. I immediately get out of the car and into the back seat where I see my little nugget is perfectly safe. Thank God she is still rear facing. All she kept saying was "Mommy what was that sound?!" After I make sure there isn't a scratch on her, I jump out of the car and right towards this woman who was already on the phone (who knows if she was when she hit us) and she doesn't say a word. She keeps talking on the phone, no apology nothing. Want to know the best part?

She got stretchered out in an ambulance.

Seriously if I ever see this woman in public again I will probably rip her face off. I could not believe the rage I felt at that moment. How awful would you feel if you rear ended someone and you saw a big fat pregnant woman waddle out of the car with her 2 year old? I would feel awful and the apologies would be never ending. So after a call to my doctor I ended up spending the afternoon in labor and delivery being monitored for a few hours. It was awful but Anth left work and met me there and I have the best friend in the entire world who came and brought me Chic Fil A. (I LOVE YOU!)

Thankfully, my car had literally 3 scratches on it, which SUCKED because we were actually car shopping that weekend. Fortunately the damage was so minimal we did end up trading it in and mama has a brand new ride for Quinny and Harper! I will have to do a separate post about my new favorite toy.

Only 6 more weeks! (At the most 7, because even though I am trying for a VBAC, they made me schedule a repeat c/s for March 5th.)



  1. Oh my goodness! People are so surprising, and not always in a good way - fancy someone running into you and not saying a word! I'd be pretty mad. Glad you are both ok. I love the expression on your daughters face in that photo - so sweet!

  2. Love you!!! I'm just happy you 3 were all ok!! Can't wait to see the new ride!! Thanks for the blog shout outs but I'm pretty sure you are still my only follower, lol!

  3. Ohmygosh, so glad you're both okay! There are some total doychebags out there! I craved fruit & iced water while I was pregnant with my 2nd too! :) xxx

  4. Good for you for wanting a VBAC. I'm excited for another wave of internet babies to be born!


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