That one time Quinn had surgery.

Oh man. To say this was the worst weekend of our lives is an understatement. I wrote this post the day before it all started.

So it was Friday and it was day 3 of Quinn being in complete misery. And I mean misery. Even though she had a fever for almost a week she was still her normal self. It was only the last 3 days where she got seriously sick. She could barely move her neck, she cried all day long and had the saddest meltdowns over anything and everything. Which is so unlike her.

So her third trip to the pedi, the doctor tells us to head into the ER. He was worried about meningitis. I cried the whole appointment. {There you are postpartum hormones!}

Seeing your baby in complete and utter pain has got to be the most gut wrenching feeling I have ever felt.

So we got to the ER and waited. Lots of cuddles and tears. And this kid? Was exhausted.

Seriously, they should not make IV's or gowns that tiny. She kept drifting in and out of sleep because she hadn't had a good night's sleep in 3 days. A CT scan was ordered to see if they could see something. Thank the good Lord my sister in law's brother in law (did you get that?) is a tech at the hospital so as she was being wheeled into the room, we saw him and I just burst into tears because in such a weird, scary place, it was really nice knowing someone you know is there and will take good care of her. 

The actual scan wasn't so bad, I got to be there right next to her and it was rather quick. Whatever they put in her IV was the worst part. 

So the doctor walks in and tells us she has a huge abscess on her neck. Well, that explains the neck pain. It's also the reason for her never ending fever. Thankfully our hospital is affiliated with Johns Hopkins so since they think she will have to be put under to have it drained, they have an ambulance come and get us and take us to Johns Hopkins. Cue more tears from mama. 

Riding in an ambulance? Not so fun. Especially when you have to ride in the front seat, your baby is in the back with a total stranger and your husband is trailing behind us. Those 2 people were amazing though. The lady in the back with her put Beauty and the Beast on for the 30 minute drive. She actually ended up falling asleep. 

We had stopped by the house before heading into the ER and picked up a bunch of her favorite things. Thank goodness. Her Trigger, pillow and paci proved to be lifesavers. 

When we got to Johns Hopkins it was more and more waiting. It felt like 67 doctors came in asking the same hundred questions over and over. An ENT doctor was sent to examine her and look over her CT scans. They said it was too large to treat with just antibiotics, so she would have to have a procedure to have it drained. {Did anyone guess more tears?}

The good news was that my sister in law came to the hospital and she was a nurse, so we had someone there who actually understood what everyone was telling us. 

We were finally moved into a permanent room around 2am with hopes of a 9am surgery. THANK GOD it was Friday and the weekend. Because my mom was able to be a lifesaver (as usual) and stay with Harper. She watched her all night long and all weekend. Thank God she is such a fit little 57 year old. She never even looked tired. While she would have loved to be with Quinn all weekend she was exactly where we needed her. I will never be able to thank her enough for that.

I woke up at 6:00 and couldn't fall back asleep. I also had to pump. The first of many times.  That sucked. I woke up to this. I apparently completely passed out on the little couch in the room. Anth fell asleep in bed with Quinn. It was the most heartmelting thing to wake up to. 

Her "magic" toe. 

Around 9:30 the team came in and we were wheeled to the surgery center. Let me just say here that the nurses at Johns Hopkins were amazing. They were so sweet and accommodating. So while we waited for the doctor to arrive, Anth and I got all gowned up and watched Dora on a nurse's iPhone. We met with the surgeon who is the head of the children's ENT division of Hopkins (which made me feel a million times better!) and was given the rundown. We would be able to go in there with her and be there while she was put under.

That is something Anth and I were not prepared for. It was SO quick. We were just talking to her and rubbing her arms and legs and then the anesthesiologist told us she was putting the medicine in. She didn't even finish pumping it all in when she just completely went limp. It was awful. Awful. To see your little baby like that. We smother her in kisses and get escorted out. Both of us in tears. 

We were sent to a waiting room where the lady took our info and phone number and told us to go downstairs and get some food because otherwise we would drive ourselves crazy. 

It only took 45 minutes and then she was out. The nurse came and got us and told us that she was asking for Mommy. She was in her little stretcher. She was half asleep and started crying as soon as she saw us. 

They finally wheeled us back up to our room (a little earlier than planned due to one meltdown over a certain Mickey pillow). She slept a little and cried a little more. Once the afternoon/evening hit, she was starting to act like her old self again.

By Sunday? Much better. And thanks to the best aunties in the world (aka Aunt Tessa, Aunt Colleen and Aunt Jamie) she had the best Easter too!

She was SO excited.

Sunday afternoon they disconnected her IV because she wouldn't need another round of antbiotics until around 6 that night. So we took advantage and had her walk around. Her poor little legs seemed to have forgotten how to function which she thought was hilarious.

The worst part of this whole experience? Having to split my time. And while I spent most of it with Quinn, it still broke my heart that this one was at home without me.

I mean look at that face! I am so thankful that I had so many bags of milk in the freezer. I don't know what I would have done. Being a parent of 2 is hard. Especially in these situations. It's like I constantly had to choose a side. 

But at the end of the day, all is well. Quinn is back to being a healthy, rambunctious little thing and we are all together again! So if another cold comes into this house I will pack up my and move to Florida so effing fast. 

We love you little girl. 


  1. That had to have been so tough. :( Kendall has been put under twice for her birthmark removal, and I can relate to you with how scary it is. I'm glad she's back to her normal self.

  2. Oh andrea! I totally teared up reading this.
    How awful to go through all of that, and with a little one at home. We've gone to so many ER/Pedi visits this year, I'll pack up and move to FL with you. We can stay with my In-laws ;)

    1. The sicknesses are ridiculous! I cannot wait for warm weather and healthy babies!

  3. OMG!! So sorry to hear what you had to go thru - during Easter of all times too!!!! So glad that she is feeling better!! And big *hugs* to momma for getting thru it all!

    1. Thanks mama! Definitely glad it's all over!

  4. This had me in tears! I want to give you all hugs! I am so happy Quinny is back to her healthy self! That picture of Anth sleeping with Quinn is so heart melting! You know I can't wait to see you guys and kiss those babies! I love you and am so proud of how well you handled yourself through all this! You were super mommy and you truly are one everyday!! xoxo

    1. I love you, I love you, I love you. Quinny is a lucky little girl to have you in her life! (as we all are!)

  5. This had me in tears! I want to give you all hugs! I am so happy Quinny is back to her healthy self! That picture of Anth sleeping with Quinn is so heart melting! You know I can't wait to see you guys and kiss those babies! I love you and am so proud of how well you handled yourself through all this! You were super mommy and you truly are one everyday!! xoxo

  6. Glad everything went well! My friend, Angela, has a 4 year old, Averi, who had a abscess behind her knee. They didn't know it was there until Averi jumped and her knee started to hurt. I don't think it was drained because of it's location. Apparently, abscesses are not uncommon in children. Who knew?

  7. OMG!!!! How scary, so glad it all worked out!

  8. This completely broke my heart! That poor sweet little girl! I'm so glad your mom was able stay with Harper, that is so relieving and comforting, you are such a strong, amazing mama (despite the tears!) im so glad she's doing well.

    1. I am very lucky to have had her there! Thank you mama, it's so nice to hear that especially when you don't feel like that most days!


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