My Baby Must Haves | Baby no.2 Edition

I know a lot of people have these lists and most of the same things are always on them, but these are my MUST HAVES. And by must haves, I mean on any given day that I do not have one of these, I will cry.

I like to make my life as easy as possible. Hence a bouncy chair on every level of my house. Also? I forgot to include bouncy chair.

1. The Halo sleep sack. The holy grail of baby sleepy gear. I love these things. I love them because they are sleeveless. We have a ton of sleep sacks with the long fleece arms and they are a pain in the ass to get little pajama arms to not get all bunched up. 

2. Ok. I was one of those mamas who swore I would never have a backpack for a diaper bag. Or a minivan. Now I want both. But seriously, this bag has been a LIFESAVER. The first time I took the girls out by myself I still had this diaper bag. It was great for one child. No one mentioned how badly you would need both hands when trying to get 2 kids, a double stroller, a bag and everything else together when you have a diaper bag hanging on your hip or shoulder getting in your ever god loving way. Two of my besties have these and swear by them and OH.MY.GOSH. I waited too long. Ordered the biggest one I could find.

3. These blankets are soft and amazing. Enough said about that.

4. This thing has saved my life. When Anthony and my mom both went back to work leaving me all alone with 2 babies (I know, right?!) I was petrified about how I was going to get both girls dressed and ready and downstairs by myself. I don't know why it scared me so much, but it did. And this? Made my life so much easier. I use it daily and Harper LOVES it. 

5. Harper takes her morning nap in this. And lots of other naps too. Loves it just as much as her sister does. 

6. The Boppy. Oh the Boppy. What can this thing not do? Makes feeding the nugget a breeze, she loves to sit in it and you may occasionally find me snuggling with it. Ok, all the time. Every night. 

7. Same as the Moby, but much easier and faster if I am out and about. Usually if I go somewhere with no shopping carts or small ones (i.e.: TJ Maxx, Marshall's) I will just throw Harper in there and Quinn just tags along next to me. 

8. I never had this with Quinn, but it definitely would have made my life a hell of a lot easier. It's basically a thermos with a big cup attached to it and you put hot water in the thermos and whenever I need to warm up a bottle you just pour the hot water into the big cut and the bottle fits perfectly inside. Literally takes me 2 minutes to get a bottle ready. 

Anyone else have similar baby must haves? Or am I the only one that needs every baby item in Babies R Us?

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