Harper Grace | 5 Months

Seriously, kid? I know time flies, but this is just ridiculous.

I'm just going to keep it simple by saying you have become quite the little diablo. My quiet angel baby who barely made a peep is long gone. You were obviously preparing and revving up to be the loud, crazy 5 month old that you are today. And I love it. 

You and your sister are so different when she was your age. While she was much easier in some ways, you are much more difficult. But where you are totally awesome? Sleep. And that gets you many bonus points girlfriend.

You do have a tendency to get up earlier than your sister, but we are slowly working on that. You are out like  light come 7:30 and I love that about you.

You are sitting up. You refuse to roll over, but you can totally sit up on your own. Of course, you fall over and are still a bit wobbly, but my goodness. You are so curious about everything. 

You are probably the smiliest baby I know. And are quickly becoming good at giving dirty looks, just like your sister. 

Eyes are still crazy blue. Which still surprises me every single day. Maybe one day I will have a child that looks like me. 

That's the face of trouble right there.

Overall, you are growing like a weed, happy and healthy and that's all that matters to us. Your sister continues to adore you and you continue to torture her by pulling on her hair every chance you get. 

You are just an awesome baby Harper Grace. I hope you grow up to be a ball buster just like your sister. 

And for reference, here is Quinn's 5 month post! (TEARS!)


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