Current Loves | June/July

These are the current faves going around this household! 

1// I have 2 different colors of this bathing suit and I am absolutely in love with both. I am still waiting for the black one to go on sale/become available because I love them that much. We are in the pool everyday (not lately thanks to this crazy weather!) and I am one of these every single day. While no bathing suit can work miracles on this mom body, it's as good as it gets in my opinion!

2// BUGS LOVE ME. Seriously, my mom is the way. If there are mosquitos, they will bite me. I bought this for the girls, but I use it more than they do!

3// Have you guys been to Walmart for workout clothes?! BECAUSE THEY ARE SO CHEAP. Seriously, I needed workout clothes and was at WalMart and bought these on a whim. They are currently my favorite workout pants. Anything Danskin is amazing, but everything is now sold out in mine. 

4// My current favorite foundation! Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. And easy, breezy. 

5// We are big into protein in this house these days. I spoke about the homemade bars we made in this post, but these are awesome to throw in my purse to munch on during work. 

6// We have been house hunting for a little while now. Anth and I are both obsessed with our Redfin app. My battery dies on the daily thanks to this. And even if your not house hunting, it's totally fun to play the "lottery game". Am I the only one that does this?

7// I heard about this mascara thanks to a few YouTube beauty gurus. So I had to have it. This girl is insanely gorgeous in case you get bored and want to waste hours on end watching beauty videos! It's a pretty good mascara, I usually keep a cheap one and a pricey one in my make up drawer and this one has been getting a lot of use!

So those are my current faves! Can't wait to add some fall favorites to next month! 



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