Zoo trip! On the last week of summer.

This past Friday was Colleen's last day as a SAHM. She's decided to go back to teaching since having her 2 little babies and while I am super sad about it, I will be counting down the days until next summer vacation when our littlest babies will be able to walk and swim and we can day drink together.

We decided to celebrate her last day of summer by taking the girls to the Baltimore Zoo! I love the zoo. I love animals, always have and Quinn is the same way. After an entire day at the zoo, no major meltdowns and only one scraped knee later I would call it a complete success! Although we both agreed "Hey, let's bring the husbands next time!"

This was from our last trip to the Baltimore Zoo and it makes me want to cry. Seriously, why, why, WHY do babies have to grow so fast!

Also? MAN. The days of a single stroller were totally taken for granted.


This is the best picture of the two of them. A total beast aka Trouble on the left. 
Sass and silly on the right. 

Seriously, you two. Quit it with the growing.

Seriously, click here for the old picture.

That's nice Quinn. 

Does this goat not seem abnormally large?!

It was an awesome day and most importantly, the girls were wiped out for the rest of the day :)

Now we can bring on the scarves, boots and pumpkin everything!


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