Whoever invented the phrase "terrible twos" was a liar.


I miss the days of 2. I regret the fact that I waited so long to have Harper because breastfeeding really limits the amount of alcohol you can drink to get through having a three year old.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely adore this age and the curiosity and excitement that comes with it. Her expanding vocabulary that seems to double by the day. And that same vocabulary that she uses to sass me on the daily.

The meltdowns. Oh sweet baby Jesus in the sky, the meltdowns. Now I don't mean to brag, but up until Quinn turned 3, I can literally remember maybe 2 "meltdowns" in her short life, and she was over it in about .5 seconds.


Or how about "No sweet baby angel, you can't have an Oreo after breakfast, but maybe after lunch."

The ugly cry.

And it's just as annoying as Anne Hathaway, too.

God forbid I make such mistakes as this princess will lose her shit on you. The whining. For the love of Honey Boo Boo, the whining. Or the fake whine crying. Now that will make you head for your liquor cabinet fast. (Only after 10am and only immediately after I've finished feeding the baby.)

I really shouldn't complain. I can take both girls to Target, the grocery store, pretty much anywhere and she is a pretty awesome kid. She usually just saves this amazing behavior for home. Which is fine by me because I feel like all I ever see anymore is asshole children in public.

I was at the eye doctor a few weeks back and there was a teen-aged brother and sister who were apparently waiting for their mother who obviously hadn't brought them by choice. They were of course playing on their iPhones and iPads and probably something else I never had when I was dragged to appointments as a kid. So the mom comes strolling out of her appointment saying "Sorry guys, we can go now." And if that little snot of a girl didn't sass back with something along the lines of "We were waiting FOREVER MOM. You are so rude to bring us here and make us wait FOREVER (eye roll), Take me home now."

I'm sorry, but my mouth would have needed medical attention before I even set foot in the car if I was that girl. My mom had a wicked talent of mouth flicking you so fast you never saw it coming.

I know it's a phase, I know, I know. Adding a 6 month old baby to the mix can sometimes just make you want to childs pose it on the floor with a beer bottle.

Anthony always asks me if I want to go back to work and to be honest.... I really don't. The days are long, but the years are short. And I want to take in every moment I can with these 2 little nuggets. The good and the bad.

Because as much as these girls can drive me crazy...and believe me, they really do, it doesn't outweigh the hugs, the kisses (as rare as they are) and the "Mommy come look at this!" I've noticed that it helps if we stay busy. Mondays are usually our lazy days. We stay in our pajamas and do "crafty" things. The rest of the week is filled with trips to the library, the jump house, gymnastics and Target. We seem to do pretty well with all of that during the week. She's like her mama I guess. I enjoy my down time, but I'm at my best when I have a lot to do.

And the thought of only having Quinn at home with me for one more year before she starts school makes me cry every time. I cried to Anthony that we really need to get out of this house so that we can really enjoy our time together in the next one. With a neighborhood and sidewalks and hopefully neighbors with little kids. This kid is growing like a weed. Every day she does something that makes me stop and say "When did you get so big!?"

Oh, but this face. With her eyes that disappear just like mama's do when she crazy laughs. Makes my heart hurt when I think of how much I love this kid.

The other night I had worked the night shift and then gone out to dinner with my mom, so I didn't get home until 9:30ish. Anth had texted me saying he had told her I would come home and say goodnight to her so she was trying her hardest to stay awake. I got home, rushed upstairs and I think she had just fallen asleep. I sat on her bed and gave her a kiss and she woke up, and oh my goodness her face. How excited she was to see me. I have never felt more happy in my entire life. I hugged and kissed her for 15 straight minutes and finally peeled myself off of her so she could get some sleep.

At the end of the day, does 3 suck the big one? Yes. But I certainly am not going to wish time away, because I am sure 4 will bring on a whole new set of obstacles for us. But I am blessed, so beyond blessed to have a healthy, happy and pretty awesome kid. I feel like every day I see a new story about a poor little baby going through awful health issues. We talk about Quinn's surgery all the time and how sad and awful it was. But then we remind ourselves that we are beyond lucky that that has been the worst of our problems health wise.

We have 2 beautiful, healthy baby girls that are the center of our world. And if any kids were going to drive me crazy every day, I'm pretty lucky that it's these two.


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