Our {sad} Weekend Haps

This weekend was filled with lots of productivity and pool time! Summer is officially here as it hasn't been cooler than 90 degrees all week!

The girls have been a little bit obsessed with the pool and I can't blame them. Plus extremely exhausted kids at the end of the day has to be the best thing ever.

Friday night we celebrated our good friend's birthday with too much guacamole and cheese. Harper was a Lainey-hog all night and Quinn was trying to not fall asleep the entire night!

Lazy Saturday mornings while we wait for Daddy to get up. This cat has become more than infatuated with Quinn. Which is hard for Harper because the cat absolutely hates her. Guess strangling and being an overall annoyance doesn't make you the cat's favorite. Go figure. 

 Also, this is why they love their father more than me. He plays "Princess Parade" with them while they sit and wave.

I took Quinn to a birthday party at Pump it Up a little later while sissy napped and Daddy got right to work outside. She spent most of the time beating the workers with the pool noodles. 

And this made me hysterically laugh. Girlfriend was starving. The party was at 1:30 so they didn't eat until almost 3 and she was ravenous. I must have taken 100 pictures of her shoveling food into her mouth. 

Back in the pool we went when we got home, and this one of course only lasted a little bit before she demanded Lita take her inside with her. We came inside for dinner to see this gem:

While the weekend was pretty awesome, Sunday brought an awful day. My mom has two dogs, Max and Shela who are 15 and turning 16. They are obviously not as agile and with it as they used to be, but for the past two days Shela had been really off and not eating. So Sunday morning my mom took her to the emergency vet where they found that she had a collapsed lung and that while her blood work looked good, he thought she may have had a stroke that was causing her to be so out of it. 

Mama knew what she had to do. Thankfully my mother in law ran right over to watch the girls so I could bring Shela her best bud Max and a pillow from mama's bed so that she could be as comfortable as possible. Poor Anth was at his baseball game and I couldn't get a hold of him until hours after. 

My poor mom. These have been her babies for so long. Especially in the past three years she's been living with us. I know she lived a long, long life, but it doesn't make it less sad. We are crazy worried about Max being that they've spent their entire lives together. They were inseparable. 

We ended the day with (shocker) more swimming and trying to keep mama's mind on the girls. 

Thankfully, Reagan has stepped up and has been spending time with Max. She has been a real trooper and Max seems to really enjoy the company. 

Not the weekend we expected but we are so grateful to have had Shela for so long. This was Quinn's first real death experience and poor girl didn't handle it well. We now try and remember happy memories and how Shela and Trigger are playing in doggy heaven. She is doing much better now, thank God. 

We are not very happy about it being Monday. Especially a rainy and gloomy Monday. But we are just trying to make it to next weekend where we get to celebrate Daddy all weekend long! 

Has Father's Day crept up on anyone else?! I am about to hit up Amazon Prime and do Quinn's yearly video!


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