So, it's on the market.

For Sale.

This house that we (ok, Anthony mostly) put our blood, sweat and tears into is on the market. The first house we ever purchased. Were we crazy? Absolutely.

Please make your way here to see the utter and disgusting before pictures. We were young, child-less and looking for a money maker. Four years later, every last little project was done.

It's very exciting but sad at the same time. Our first house purchased together. The one we brought Harper home from the hospital from. Quinn moved in when she was only 2 months old. 

To be honest, the thing that's making me the most sad is the fact that this was Trigger's last house. That sounds so stupid, but it makes me super emotional whenever I think of the dog anyway, much more so that we won't be living here anymore. He did love this house. He had his own room and a huge yard. God I miss that dog. 

Anth (and his dad) did an awesome job. I hope that whoever buys it loves working on landscaping because that is one thing both of us fail at. I can't keep a plant alive and Anth hates everything to do with landscaping. 

The girl's rooms are the saddest to look at because we put so much energy into them when they were babies. 

It's been on the market for 2 days and we've had 2 showings so far. Holy hell, not easy. Three dogs, two kids and a prayer that the cat stays under our bed is quite stressful. Here's hoping that it goes quickly and we can start new memories in a new house. IN A NEIGHBORHOOD. God I cannot wait to take nightly walks on a sidewalk. Hopefully we move into a neighborhood with lots of kiddos and lots of room for more babies :) We've never given birth to a kid knowing that we were going him ego a home that we will be in for a long time and that is something I am looking very forward to!


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