It's getting to be that time...

I can't believe we've been in this house almost 4 years! Two babies later and we are finally ready to pack it up and move on. It's crazy to think what we purchased... here is a little home tour when we bought it. Sorry for scarring you with that.

Well this past weekend the husband finished the very last "big" project of the house. It's a wrap around porch and he had redone the back a couple of years ago a la let's go crazy and knock it down right before Quinn's party.

So the plan is to list it in the next couple of weeks. Which makes me insanely happy, and a little stressed (HELLO, PACKING). But this mama is ready. While we adore this house, it sits on a main road and I want nothing more than to walk out of my front door and be in a neighborhood. To be able to walk out of my front door and hit a sidewalk. Also the fact that Reagan has gotten off of her leash (yes that contraption in the above picture) too many times to count makes me even more ready. Seriously that dog has 78 lives. And a death wish apparently.

Plus the larger than Olympic sized pool in the back is a huge waste of grassy space so I look forward to hopefully having a nice large flat backyard.

So hopefully the house hunting/house selling process goes smoothly and we can enjoy the rest of the summer in a new house! But right now, seriously... my biggest anxiety? Keeping the house clean.

Because that never happens.


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