2014 Year in Review!

What.A.Year. I can seriously say no more. This year was filled with ups and downs but as I sit here typing, I am reminded that we made it through 2014 alive, healthy and blissfully happy. This year has honestly been one my most trying. From trying to get in the swing of really being a stay at home mom of 2, to having our house sale fall through two days after we were supposed to settle on it, making big family decisions.....this year was definitely one to remember. 

But I am so thankful. Grateful. Appreciative. This year has taught me how to actually rely on my husband. That sounds weird, but we are both very independent people. God is good and he has opened my eyes to a whole new world. We are ending the year in such a good place and that makes for one happy mama. Here are a few highlights of the year!

We started off the year making some pretty ridiculous goals. I seriously have no idea why I continue to do this to myself. I will shamelessly say I nowhere near hit my running goal of 500 miles. I think I stopped counting after 250 and I honestly haven't run in months. I think I just have to come to terms that while I do enjoy an occasional run, I am in no way ever going to be that person that goes and runs 10 miles. I also failed at my back squat goal of 200, but I have a great excuse and I did max out at 170, so I'm not too displeased with that! We planned Harper's 1st birthday and it went off without a hitch. 


Her obsession with baby dolls started and to think how obsessed she is with them now is just insane. We struggled with Harper and her insane sleep problems, she actually turned one and killed us all with how fast the year went. Her One-derland party was one of my absolute favorites! 


I wrote about my 3 month experience with CrossFit. I wrote about the relationship that my girls were developing and how much I love being able to raise sisters.


I wrote a massive update on my biggest nugget and how much she is growing into a strong willed, sassy little kid. This was probably one of my most favorite posts I have ever written. It has stuck with me since then and I honestly feel it engrained itself in my head ever since. And most exciting news of the year.... Harper started walking! Our lazy little baby. 


I ran my first (and probably last) 10k with the help of my bad ass runner friend, Chlo. I seriously thought I was going to die. I had an amazing Mother's Day eating my little heart out and realizing that staying at home might be the best option for the next couple of years. I talked about how Quinn wasn't exactly ready for organized sports and I just got too excited. 


We celebrated our favorite guy in the world and spoiled him rotten with love on Father's Day. We continued our tradition of eating crabs and carbs with an awesome family we have grown to love so much. My BABY INFANT FIRST BORN turned 4 and cried at the thought of her growing so much. We celebrated with a Cinderella themed water/bounce house party at home. (ps. best purchase ever).


We had an insanely busy 4th, and wrote about the pressure/expectation/whatever of finding balance as a stay at home mom. 


After 4 years of enjoying watching every single, perfect, soft curl grown on Quinn's head....we finally decided to get her hair cut for the 1st time. I failed at the Whole 30, but promised myself I would do it again....someday. Harper turns 18 months old!


Quinn starts preschool and breaks mama's heart at hoe grown she looks. We cut our beautiful beach vacation short to settle on our house....only to end up not settling on our house. A lot of other house stuff happened which I didn't blog about because it's so frustrating I will probably end up throwing my computer. But it all turned out to be a blessing. 


We celebrate Daddy's big 30th and our 6th wedding anniversary. You can also tell my blogging goes to hell around this time because thats all she wrote for October. 


I recapped our HI-larious Halloween with our besties and how much I love this tradition and another massive update on my Quinny girl. 


Oh, hi. I such at blogging and my only New Year's resolution is to be a better blogger. But I will add this family photo that we got during out shoot which I will blog about in the New Year!

I am super excited about what 2015 has to bring. A lot of crazy, a lot of fun, and probably a lot of stress. But all totally worth it. Happy New Year's to you and yours! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!


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