2012 Wrap Up!

Like last year, I wanted to recap 2012 highlighting some of my favorite posts from the past year.

Also? WHERE THE HECK does that time go? I was looking through all of these thinking they JUST happened.

 We started off by making some damn resolutions and it was the 
kickoff to the major organization plan of 2012.

I shared Our Love Story, Quinn had her first experience decorating cookies,
 her daddy gave me a heart attack, and I celebrated my 27th birthday!

Quinn continued to grow like a weed, we started on my mom's new digs in our basement, 
Dear Quinn became one of my favorite things to write, 
and I captured what is, to this day, one of my all time favorite pictures of my nugget.
 (Also, I put some bangs on my face.)

We celebrated baby Nolan at Tessa's baby shower
celebrated Easter, finally purchased the Silhouette Cameo and was pretty impressed 
with my first project, I learned that Quinn could count, and shared some Goodwill finds!

We celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day, took our much anticipated trip to Disney
and Quinn got to experience finger painting for the first time in her little life!

Anth celebrated his 3rd Father's Day, I revealed little Nolan's adorable Owl themed nursery
Anth decided to do this, right before Quinn's party, some no-sew curtains,  
and we celebrated our beautiful little girl's 2nd birthday

We throw Quinn a Mickey Mouse birthday party, I made the best work decision ever, 
a recap of what we did on Quinn's actual birthday
shared a little bit about myself including my job and a Day in the Life!

We share some life changing news
I get very hormonal emotional talking about our friends
Quinn has a revelation, and my Bumpdates begin!

An all in one Quinn update, and another Bumpdate, and another

Little Brody finally arrives, Quinn starts her 1st gymnastics class
we find out what bambino #2 is, we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary
one of the funniest Quinn videos you will ever see, we make it through Hurricane Sandy
take our yearly trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and Quinn and Reagan celebrate Halloween together in style. 

We decide on little bambino's nursery decor
I make the best baby purchase ever, we host our 2nd Annual Friendsgiving
I get my DIY on, and we take our annual trip to Williamsburg

I talk about losing my momjo, Quinn is officially potty trained, our ridiculously cute Santa photos, a trip to the National Zoo, we all experience an unimaginable tragedy, an overall Quinn Lately post, and the Exhausting Christmas of 2012 recap

This year has been one of the best. Things have really fallen into place for us, we are so, so incredibly blessed to be healthy, happy and together. And we have a few short weeks (ok, more like 10) until we welcome another little bambino into the family. I could not be happier.

Here's to an amazing 2013!


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