2013 Year in Review! What a year...

I can't believe we are the end of 2013! I seriously remember sitting down and writing our 2012 year in review. (OMG BABY QUINN.)

Anyway here is a quick look at some of the most exciting times in 2013.


Little nugget kept on growing and was almost ready to come out!
Quinn's personality continues to be of the shy kind. (NOT) 
Harper's room starts to finally come together!


My amazing friends threw me a surprise shower and 
I couldn't even take the fact that I didn't figure it out. I write a teary eyed letter to Quinn, 
and the most exciting thing?! My tiniest nugget is born!


I turned 28, wrote Harper's birth story (here, here and here!), 
Quinn breaks all of our hearts and has her first minor surgery.


We finally say goodbye to the paci, enjoy some beautiful weather, and
Harper turns 2 months old


I made my favorite baby craft ever, had a perfect Mother's Day as a mama of 2,
and we had the perfect day celebrating Harper's Baptism.


Harper's room reveal, we had a great day celebrating Father's Day
our first little princess turns three!, and we celebrate with a Beauty and the Beast party.


I go on a labeling kick, this girl starts her running journey, and Harper turns 5 months!


I went on an organizing spree, visited the county fair
took a trip to the Baltimore Zoo, Harper turned 6 months old, and my love for yoga grew. A lot.


Quinn started hating naps, (also the funniest Quinn video ever.), and
I write about my frustrations with 3 year olds.


Hubby turns 29, we celebrate 5 mostly wonderful years of marriage,
and we celebrate Halloween with Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian.


Harper turns 8 months, my love/hate relationship with running,
we finally get some professional pictures taken, my infant turns 9 months old,
and we take a family vaca to Great Wolf Lodge. November was busy.


Harper turns 10 months, I really look forward to getting more into Paleo in the New Year
and we celebrate an amazing Christmas.

2013 has been an amazing year. We added to our little family and even though we aren't quite done yet….we are perfect for now :) I hope the next year brings a new house, more love, more vacations, more date nights with the hubby and just more happy. Less of what we don't want, more of what we want. Sounds easy, right?!

Here's to a Happy New Year to all of you!


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