2015 | Year in Review

I love these posts so much. I love looking back and first off, realizing how crazy fast a year can actually go. 

Here are 20142013, 2012


Obviously my blogging was on point because I only recapped our family photos that happened 3 months earlier. 


We announced to the internet that Baby #3 would be joining us in August! 

Harper turned two and we celebrated with an Elmo filled, delayed-because-of-the-snow party!

I celebrated turning 30 with 30 Things I've Learned in My 30 Years. I love this post so much.

We had the funnest gender reveal party for Hazel and it could not have been more exciting!


I wrote my honest thoughts on being a family of all girls. 

We learned that Harper was climbing out of her crib at the stupid age of 2! 


Not much going on this month except random baby updates


Another baby update, and our Memorial Day recap!


Our baby girl, Quinn graduated preschool. And I was never so happy for summer vacation!

We lost both of mama's sweet little pups that she's had since I was 12 within a month of each other.

Talked a little bit about sanity and balance. A subject that never gets old!

One of my favorite days of the year...Father's Day!  We get to spend it with the best people.

Quinn turned five and we celebrated with a Sleeping Beauty party!


We made serious nursery progress, wrote a hormone filled letter to my husband  and wrote my Big Sister Letter to my Harper. 


Wrote my Big Sister letter to Quinn and the most exciting thing of 2015....we welcomed our Hazel Faith!

Also wrote her Birth Story {Part 1 & Part 2}

And the saddest part (ok, not really).... Quinn started Kindergarten

My tips for surviving the first few weeks of life with three!


Our sister Hazel turned a month old and we were stupid enough to drive 7 hours with a 6 week old to the beach


Recapped our Emerald Isle trip, Hazel turned two months old and had a couple Pumpkin Patch trips! {one and two}


Recapped our superhero filled Halloween.

Our little Hazel was baptized and turned 3 months old. 


Recapped our annual Friendsgiving and took a 70 degree trip to the tree farm!

Hazel turned 4 months old and we celebrated an amazing Christmas at home in our pajamas. (Which will obviously be recapped in January, haha). 

It's been a year and I am currently writing notes on my goals for 2016.

I hope the New Year brings you a year full of peace and love and all things that make you happy. 

Happy New Year!


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